Four From My Bandcamp Collection - 29

There is something about doing a reoccurring feature (like this one) that really makes the fast passing of time super apparent. It seems like only the other day that I grabbed 4 albums from my Bandcamp Collection that I thought were deserving of having more ears hearing them… and here I am doing it all over again. Time flies whether you're having fun or not.


So that 'Hi-Fi' song sure is bloody lovely, isn't it? Favorite track: Hi-Fi.

My opinion on this is slightly biased, but this EP is what headphones were made for. Best listened to front to back. Favorite track: Buen dia.

A Glass Cake split with anyone would be worth the price of admission, so throw in the fact that Winnie Byrd is great too & suddenly your 'to buy or not to buy' dilemma is not much of a dilemma at all. Favorite track: Glass Cake - Goodbye Dove.

A timeless sounding country-ish album. I say 'ish' because even though all the things you expect in a country album are here (hello slide guitar)… it only feels like your kinda listening to a country album. I guess that's why 'country' 'folk' 'garage' and 'punk' are all listed in the tags. Favorite track: Funeral Song.

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