Four From My Bandcamp Collection - 32

This is the 32nd time I've gone over to my Bandcamp Collection and grabbed 4 albums to bring back over here and lay out on the floor for you to take a listen to. If my math is right (and if I keep this feature going until I've featured everything in my collection), there are still a lot more times that I need to do this (even if I buy nothing more, which isn't bound to happen). Luckily, by "do this" I mean "sharing 4 good tunes that are available on Bandcamp with you once a week". Like these four…

This session takes me back to a lovely living room show Ben played in Barcelona. And now I'm craving olives. Favorite track: You & Me.

If you ever need to get the ‘lovey dovey’ feelings flowing (i.e. you need to sort out ANOTHER valentines day or anniversary gift), this is a good one to put in the headphones. Favorite track: I Told You It Wasn't Easy.

Tip of the hat to GoldFlakePaint for putting this loveliness in my ears. Favorite track: dogmas.

I wonder if Mick Foley also puts this on while he does the dishes? Favorite track: Dude Love.

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