Gorgeous Bully - Nobody Hates You As Much As You Hate Yourself

I finally got around to picking up Gorgeous Bully's latest offering the other day (it's been officially out for about a week, but the first tasters of have been on the interwebs since the end of 2013) and it's another perfect collection of fuzzed out tunes. I've been a fan of theirs ever since they put out a cassette in a cigarette box and they've yet to disappoint.

So if you rock a cassette player (I still don't have one… so I've had to make a new rule for myself to stop buying cassette tapes until I get a machine that can play them) I highly recommend you pop over to Art Is Hard records to grab the sweet physical package they've put together (which includes a flammable bottle opener). Otherwise, head over to AiH's Bandcamp page and grab the digital version. It's just 5 tracks deep, but there ain't a bad tune in the bunch and you'll probably hate yourself a little more if you don't have this in your collection.