Harlem Shakes - Strictly Game


Not all of the songs on the Mix Tape Radio Christmas Special (debut air time is tonight) are what one might call a 'christmas song'. For example, this track from Harlem Shakes.

But for me, this song is definitely a 'this time of year song'. The year is almost over and a new one is just around the corner, which always brings out two things: an analyzing of the year that is about to end and misguided optimism for the upcoming year.

And this song is the perfect anthem for those exact two things. With it's lines like “sick of holding on to nothing when I just want to hold your hips” and the repeated mantra of “this will be a better year”.

So happy holidays to you all. And I really hope that it will be a better year.

(P.S. - Harlem Shakes disbanded after putting out the brilliant Technicolor Health, but perhaps we wouldn’t have got that great ARMS record (Summer Skills) that came out last year if they hadn’t. Bitter with the sweet and stuff.)