HI54LOFI NEWSLETTER | 20/12/2015


Hey there… long time no newsletter. The last one was all the way back in June. That's like half a year ago! Since we last spoke, I've moved from England back to Canada… but I'm currently in Denmark for the next little unknown amount of time. Life, eh?

As for this newsletter, well, I decided that I would steal a page from Austin Kleon's weekly newsletter and start using mine to also share a few things from the week/s just gone that I think are worth your time. The idea to steal his idea came after realising that Austin's newsletter was one of the only newsletters I actually enjoyed reading and looked forward to receiving (also,he's a fan of "stealing"). Eventually, I thought to myself: “Maybe he is on to something?”. So…

10 things maybe worth your time when you have some time…

  1. Since June 2015 there have been quite a few episodes of THE MIX TAPE RADIO SHOW. As you probably already know, you can stream all episodes on Mixcloud and / or subscribe and download all episodes for free on iTunes. The most recent episode (NUMBER 65!) has a special Winter theme. Besides giving it a listen, if you are interested, Adam from songsfortheday asked me some questions about the making of that mix and you can read my rambling answers over on his site. Also, you might be keen on listening to the original 8tracks Winter mix that came first.
  2. One of the best, if not the best, blogs for discovering new music / reading beautifully written words about new music is Gold Flake Paint. This should not be new news. But what may be new is that they recently put out an unsurprisingly excellent 'name your price, $0 minimum' compilation on Bandcamp. You should go get it.
  3. It's END OF YEAR list time. If you follow the music blog game & love discovering great music, this is both an excellent and overwhelming time of the year. Perhaps my most looked forward to Year End List, year after year, is the one over on Aquarium Drunkard. This years list from them is another ace one, full of things I agree with and things I'm sure I will agree with once I have time to dig further.
  4. Speaking of excellent blogs, one that is pretty new to me (and one I have been enjoying thoroughly) is RUTH AND MARTIN'S ALBUM CLUB. Each week they get someone who has gone their entire life without listening to a certain critically acclaimed album to listen to that certain critically acclaimed album. And then they both talk about said album and it is some of the best music writing on the web (the best bit is usually the the excellent RAMclub introduction).
  5. For some reason, I found watching 10 minutes of Stephen Curry nailing 3 pointersto be very therapeutic / hypnotising. Maybe you will too?
  6. Did you watch season 2 of Fargo? It was pretty damn amazing, wasn't it? (if you haven't watched it, you should… and you didn't hear it from me, but if you sneak into Netherlands Netflix, you can stream season 2 there).
  7. Because sometimes it's nice to just kill a few lonely moments of the day with a blooper reel.
  8. After leaving it dormant for many years (hey, I needed to claim that HI54LOFI handle before someone created a parody account) I decided to start trying to use Instagram. If you do so as well, why not come give me a sympathy follow? Who knows, maybe you will even like my #content.
  9. You might not have noticed it, but HI54LOFI's 24/7 internet radio station was recently shut down. If you didn't notice it, well you missed out on being sad for a few days, because it is back up and running again.
  10. It's damn near Christmas time. Which means we've reached the point where it is acceptable, possibly even desirable, to start listening to a bit of Christmas music. If you need Xmas Tuneage that is not the kind that makes you want to scratch your ear drums out, I made a full on Christmas episode of THE MIX TAPE RADIO SHOW 2 years back (and a less full on episode last year).

Well, that's enough from me. Feel free to get back at me with some of your favourite things from the last week or so. And, perhaps even more importantly, have yourself a merry little whatever you may or may not celebrate.

I hope you'll continue / start to
pop over to the website (and the Facebookand the Twitter and the Tumblr and the Mixcloud and the 24hr Internet Radio Station and the Instagram) on a regular basis and I will do my best to try and keep this newsletter going on a bi-weekly, or a least more than once every 6 month, basis.