Hold On | June 2011

This months monthly 8tracks mix tape almost didn't happen before the month ran out. But then it did happen. It features just a handful of the tracks that will be helping to soundtrack the drive out to the mountains. And while I'm out in the mountains, I probably won't be posting too much as internet and the great out doors don't mix well.

Here are the artists featured on this mix:

And if you are on 8tracks, you can follow the HI54LOFI page right here and listen to even more mix tapes. And you can even listen to those mix tapes on your fancy schmancy phones (with their iPhone app or Android app - I've used them both, and they're both great things to have in your pocket).

P.S. - Mix tapes like this one are just another brick in the ‘Mix Tape Radio wall’. Check out our MIX TAPE RADIO section for more info /details of said metaphorical wall.