Igloo Backpackers Hostel in Nottingham

You might not know this, but I help run a backpackers hostel in Nottingham called ‘The Igloo’. So if you're ever in Nottingham…

But, even if you never come to Nottingham and have no intentions of doing so (you should, it's a pretty cool city), you can still swing by and check out the new website I built°. I'll be making tweaks and adding things as we go —as there re a million pieces of content that a hostel website can try to include on their site— but yesterday we got it ready to the point where we decided it was time to replace the old site (which was perfectly nice, but relied heavily on that dreaded FLASH).

Of course, right after we launched the new website the email went down (it's since been fixed, but a minor bit of scrambling around and saying 'shit'). And we're still waiting for the magic google elves to finish combing over the interent and update our search listings (Google uses magic elves, right?), but that doesn't mean you can't go visit the new Igloo website and let me / us know what you think.

Maybe even share a link to it with some other people who might be interested?

Or book a bed?

If you hang around HI54LOFI at all, you'll definitely recognize some of the music being played over at the hostel.

° DISCLAIMER: I am not trained in the art of web design, but Squarespace is a pretty sweet service for those like me who like to pretend (I also built HI54LOFI using it)