Jom Comyn - In the Dark on 99

I haven't heard a Jom Comyn release that I didn't like… but I've never liked one as much as I do ‘In The Dark On 99 (All The Time, All The Time)’. That's not meant to be a slight on any of his previous releases, it's really just the best way that I can describe how perfectly this album assembles all the different pieces that have made him such an interesting songwriter. I'm not sure what the future holds for his music, but if he were to decide to stay locked into the sound & vibe on this album, I would totally co-sign on that decision (anything to get more tunes as perfect as ‘Wish Upon A Storm’ and ‘O Frozen Sidewalks’).

And speaking of wishing upon storms and frozen sidewalks… leave it to an Edmontonian to write such a great winter album. It's been a bit mild over here in Nottingham, but I'm not too far removed from waiting for a bus on Whyte Ave in the middle of another -30 stretch to fully appreciate how comforting this album would sound underneath a toque.

Pop over to his Bandcamp page and grab this album for yourself (after all, Winter's not over quite yet).