kissed her little sister - mbube

Not only did Kissed Her Little Sister release a new album the other day (the one above), but he also changed his albums from 'FREE DOWNLOAD' to 'NAME YOUR PRICE'. Which means I could finally add his excellent bedroom recording masterclasses (including, and especially, 2012's perfect Sailor) to my Bandcamp collection. Out of all the artists whose music I had downloaded for free in the past, this dude was on the top of my 'I Wish I Could Pay Money For It' list.

Speaking of Sailor, if you pressed play on mbube expecting something similar, you're probably going to need to recalibrate your expectations. I know I had to use my first listen to go “ok, this is different than the last one” and then come back at it a second time. So yes, the more folk leaning tendencies of that album are not to be found on the latest, but this is still something that you should be putting in the headphones.

If you've listened to his debut High & Low (which you should of), then the latest album doesn't really sound like that drastic of a gear change (and that's not just because the debut had a track called I'm Too High and the latest has a track called I'm Feeling High). It's really just more proof to how crazy talented and creative this Jeffrey cat is. It's also a good example of how he doesn't seem to tie KHLS down to a certain sound or genre, but rather locks into a vibe, whatever that vibe may be, and builds a concise album around it.

So pop over to his Bandcamp page and pick up all three of his albums (and if you downloaded the previous ones when they were free, maybe kick a few shekels his way and grab them again). And while you're over on Bandcamp, check out the latest BC Weekly, as Kissed Her Little Sister landed a much deserved spot on the aptly title 'Creative Musicians' show.