Michael Cera - true that

Like a lot of people, I was coloured very intrigued by the news that Michael Cera had put out an album of lofi bedroom recordings on Bandcamp. There's just something very unexpected and modest about the whole thing. He's a pretty successful dude, but the release happened the same way most albums on Bandcamp happen: it wasn't there one day, and it was there the next.

Of course, the Michael Cera-ness of who released it definitely put the album on a lot more radar's than your typical Bandcamp bedroom release. But there is something quite charming about it (perhaps the fact that it sounds like your typical Bandcamp bedroom release). The charm factor being high probably has to do with how, usually, when someone from Hollywood decides to dip their sexy toes in the music world, there is a lot of money & people behind their plunge and the whole thing feels a bit phoney. But this album sounds exactly like some non-Hollywood guy made it in his bedroom in between working as temp in an office or as a barista. I am a little surprised that he didn't opt for a 'Name Your Price, No Minimum' charge instead of $7, but hey, there are 18 tracks on it.

Is it good? Well, it is not bad. It has its moment (also, I'm writing this while listening for the first time, so I haven't quite made my mind up yet - but the Blaze Foley cover is great). I think I still need to get over the fact that it's the guy from Arrested Development & Super Bad fame (and Juno, and Scott Pilgrim, and etc.) noodling away on the guitar and piano. But on the overall, I definitely think Michael Cera casually releasing an album of lofi bedroom recordings on Bandcamp (under his own name) is a pretty cool thing in its own right.

And can you really ask for more than that on a Thursday?