Mix Tape Radio Show | EPS 001 - 015

I'm away on a little vacation (I know, again), so instead of putting together Episode 46 of the 'Mix Tape Radio' show and then failing to create posts for the music on that episode... I decided to make some 8tracks mix tapes that provide a little look back on the past 45 episodes.

So, this first 8tracks mix is made up of 50 tracks that were played on the first 15 episodes. Of course, this is just a small sampling of all the music that was played in the first 15 episodes, but it still will give you a pretty good idea of the good tunes you may have foolishly missed out on (I mean, you can listen to all the episodes over here, or even download them all over on iTunes).

I would write some more, but the wifi in our hotel room is spotty at best. So press play and enjoy the above mix (even if you've listened to all the episodes before, it's still a pretty enjoyable 50 track mix to have in the ol' headphones for a couple hours).