Mix Tape Radio Show | EPS 016 - 030

The other day I mentioned that I was currently away on vacation. This is still true (but no need to be too jealous, the weather in Portugal hasn't been that great so far). I also mentioned that I would not be posting a new episode of the Mix Tape Radio show until I got back to England. But since I've taken a couple 'blog vacations' in the not too distant past, I decided to prepare some 8tracks mixes that could be easily posted whenever I found a moment to hop online.

Well, as we wait for breakfast to digest before heading out on our bikes, I guess I'm having one of those moments now. So here is part 2 of the three part 8tacks mix collection that takes a look back at some of the music featured in the first 45 episodes of the Mix Tape Radio show (this mix looks back at episodes 16 to 30).

So, press play and enjoy.

PS - you can listen to all the episodes of the Mix Tape Radio show over here, and/or you can download them all over on iTunes.