Mix Tape Radio Show | EPS 031 - 045

Alright. So my vacation in Portugal is now officially over. Which means I am back in Nottingham and will be making / posting a brand new episode of the Mix Tape Radio show in the very near future (and then talking a bit about the music that was featured on the episode in the days that follow the episode posting… and then doing all that over again a couple of weeks after).

But since I usually post episodes on Monday, and since I still haven't posted the 3rd “let's take a little look back at some of the music featured in the first 45 episodes of the show” 8tracks mix on the website yet… well, you already know where I'm going with this (I guess having the mix tape posted above the writing sort of gives it all away).

So I will stop blabbering words onto the computer screen now, and instead just recommend that you press the play button on that 8tracks mix up there (or over here) and reward your ears with the 50 ace tracks that have been plucked from episodes 31 to 45.

PS - you can listen to all the episodes of the Mix Tape Radio show over here, and/or you can download them all over on iTunes.