My Week In Renew

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I'm going to be putting an end to my '1 blog post a day' self-inflicted challenge. Today is the 112th straight day, which is far more than I thought I'd be able to manage (I thought 30 in a row would be pushing it).

If you've been coming by here in 2014 on a Sunday, you've probably noticed a reoccurring feature called 'My Week In Review'. Well that is going to be de-occurring. Partly because I've started sending out a bi-weekly newsletter (which you can sign up to here), but mostly because if you really want to keep up with the type of things that used to get posted in those 'weekly reviews', you can follow HI54LOFI on Twitter... as those weekly posts were really just a conglomeration of things I've tweeted and tweets I've favourited. And now that I have the new Twitter, my profile page looks an awful lot like how my 'weekly review' post looked. Plus, there is even a new Photos/Videos section, which provides a nice clickable/scrollable recap of what I've been listening to… although it is missing tweets with Bandcamp and Soundcloud links (so I guess following / liking HI54LOFI on Tumblr and Facebook is also a good idea).

Long story short: starting next week, I'm going to be switching to a less hectic 'try to do 1 blog post a weekday' schedule. The main goal is to try and find a '# of blog posts a week' schedule that is the right balance of ‘not just posting something for the sake of posting something’ + ‘not falling in the easy rut of not posting anything because that is way easier to do’.