Nancy Grace v. 2 Chainz

I don't think I've ever actually watched her before this video (and for a little while, I kind had her confused with that lady that cooks with all the butter), but goddamn… Nancy Grace is horrible. It's not just the way she talks —but that doesn't help— it's the stupid shit she says. It's just one bad point after another (with some belittling of 2 Chainz sprinkled in between for a little variety). The thing that had me slapping my forehead in disbelief the hardest was the way she thought that showing a video of one bad parent was a brilliant argument for keeping marijuana illegal. What kind of crazy logic is that? You could literally go on Youtube and find a video to make the case for making ANYTHING illegal (alcohol, guns, police, slip n' slides, etc).

It's so frustrating that people like this have TV shows and are able to pollute the collective conversation night after night.