New Animal - Empty Hours

When I received a Bandcamp email letting me know that New Animal had a new release out, I was pretty stoked. Their self-titled 2011 album is still a favourite of mine, so to say that I've been looking forward to another full-length from these talented Atlanta dudes would be one of those things that could probably go without saying (although, I guess when having a one-way written conversation, you kind of have to say it before you can imply that you shouldn't have to say it).

Anyway… when I arrived on their Bandcamp page to see that this “new release” was actually just one track, I have to admit that I was a little bummed. I guess the line in the email that read “New Animal just released Empty Hours” is still true, I just had interpreted it to mean that a new album or EP had dropped, and not just one track called Empty Hours. But, as my grandfather always never actually said: “you shouldn't look a new music horse in the mouth”.

So yes, it is just one track, but it's a really great track. And the track also manages to shift gears enough during the 4 1/2 minute ride that the just one track actually feels like a few tracks mixed together (like a little “mini EP”, if you put your imagination hat on while listening).

And after a little bit of nancy drewing, I came across two more related pieces of information: New Animal is planning on releasing an album later this year and Empty Hours and Good Friend (a track they shared awhile back) will possibly be on it. So maybe the next time Bandcamp gives me a heads up on some new New Animal… it'll be that album I thought I was about to dig into today.