Nick Waterhouse - Holly

March 4th was a good day for new releases. I already mentioned the arrange album that came out that day on the day, and since I leave posting twice in one day to those more ambitious blogs (or one's with more than 1 person writing for them), I had to sit on my hands a little while before sharing the latest Nick Waterhouse album with all you tens of people that swarm this site on the daily.

So maybe you're already hip to the hipness of Holly. But if you're not, then get your tapping toe ready and go swing by Nick's Bandcamp page to give it a listen (and you can also check out this week's Bandcamp Weekly show to hear a few tracks + a little interview with Nick). This is one of those albums that transports you back to a time where you didn't actually exist, so pop on the headphones and pretend you're in a smoke filled room where everyone is dressed sharp, dancing cool, and calling each other “cat”.

(also… the track Sleepin' Pills is “my jam” for this week)