Oh Carolines

There are a lot of songs written about Caroline.

When compared to the amount of Carolines I've actually met in real life —I went to school with one (probably a couple more, but I only remember one), I have a friend of a friend named Caroline, and then my mom is friends with a couple (although they go by Carol, so I don't know if that counts)— it all seems a bit out of proportion (I mean, the amount of Roxannes that I know is more in line with how many songs are about Roxanne). It is so much so, that I figured I'd put together an 8tracks mix featuring songs about this mysterious Caroline muse that seems to have been so absent in my life.

There are 20 tracks about Caroline in this mix, although I could have easily kept going. I didn't keep going because I figured I'd keep the mix to songs that I thought were good (sorry Kaiser Chiefs). If you know your Caroline tunes, you've probably guessed that I've included the one about the Caroline who thinks her sh*t doesn't stink & the one about the Caroline that is sweet (although, it's the Roy Orbison cover). But over the course of the 20 tracks featured, there is a lot of lesser known and fairly new Caroline gems here to discover (10 that have come out in the last 8 years). In fact, the mix was inspired by an unexpected bit of 'Mix Tape Radio' randomness that had the Noah Gunderson, Coma Cinema & Bill Baird odes to a Caroline play close enough together in one day that made me stop and take note.

So… even if Caroline isn't your name or you've never had your heart broken by one or been infatuated with one, this mix should still sound good in the headphones. But if you do know a Caroline, or if you are a Caroline, maybe you'll get a slightly bigger kick out of it.