Old Amica - Drone and Hum

I'm not sure if you've all noticed, but Old Amica have been building up quite the lovely little discography over the last year or so. Well, only a few months after dropping the lovely Fabula, they've just put out an entirely instrumental album called Drone and Hum… and no surprise, it is also a lovely listen. I think it will be especially well suited for having in the headphones on an upcoming airplane ride I'll be taking in about a week, so I've been pumping the brakes on giving the album more listens until then (as my first listen was during a walk home from work, and it occurred to me how much better suited this album would be when staring blankly out a window, rather than while cursing the long hill before our street).

You can and should pick up Drone and Hum over on the Old Amica Bandcamp page for whatever price you fancy. You can also pick up all their other albums for that same price. So if you haven't already, go fill your pockets with the gorgeous tunes these two collaborative Swedes have been knocking out on a very regular and much appreciated basis.