Old Amica - Fabula

The Swedish duo responsible for one of my favourite EPs of 2013 (well, actually kind of my 2 favourite EPs… but pt.1 of The Burning Dot came out at the end of 2012) are back with a gorgeous 9 track album called Fabula. One might even say it is fabula-ous.

At the moment, it's only available to purchase through Moonpalace Records in the format of a lovingly crafted DIY CD, so I suggest you pop over and get it, as there are only 100 copies up for grabs.

Fabula is one of those albums that acts like an audio brain massage, making it perfect for putting on to unwind after a long day at the office. Each track leads perfectly into the next, and there isn't a throw away moment in the bunch. 2014 may only be a few months in, but if I had any bitcoins I'd wager them all on how this album will still be one of my favourites of the year when the ball drops in 9 months time.

So go get it (and if you haven't already, go get both parts of The Burning Dot). You don't want to be caught sleeping on Old Amica, especially when it is much better to be falling asleep to them.