Patchwork Guilt

Here's an impressively lovely little EP from Bristol's Patchwork Guilt to throw in your headphones while you walk around town thinking about how some folks sure can make some quality tunes from their bedrooms. Or at least that was the main thought kicking about in my head while this EP soundtracked my walk to the supermarket the other day.

Maybe I'm a simple man, but anytime I hear a solo bedroom artist putting together more than just a guitar and voice, the part of my brain that was only capable of barely being able to record just a guitar and voice in the past (and not even very well) becomes a bit impressed / envious. But more than all that, the 5 songs on here are really nice.

So if you've got a spare 20 minutes in your day, I highly recommend you put this one on.

Today not looking like it'll have 20 minutes to spare? Well then, just go buy this album and keep it in your back pocket (i.e. in your Bandcamp Collection on your phone) until your next walk / bus ride into town.