Paul Stewart - Permanence

My headphones have been filled with a lot of ace tunes this week, but when it came time to select 'my jam of the week', the opening track from Paul Stewart's EP Permanence was a pretty easy choice, as it has been slaying me all week. Released all the way back in 2011, the line “how do you hide a song in a record for so long” seems pretty apt seeing as how it was only last week that first laid ears on this one (it's also the start of the prettiest part of a very pretty song).

The rest of the EP is just as lovely as it's opener, with nice guitar and perfect bits of piano backing a voice that is as easy on the ears as they come.

So if you also missed this EP back when it first came out, then make heading over to Paul's Bandcamp page your next stop on the internet today. You can grab the whole thing for 'whatever price you fancy', so go make this the next addition to your Bandcamp Collection.

And then head over and listen to the latest episode of the 'Mix Tape Radio' show, as you'll hear Glass Skulls as well as a bunch of other great tunes on it.