Pepper Johnson - Flat Country

This is one of those albums that one could easily miss out on. It came out over a year ago, so if it didn't land on your radar back when it was released, or if it didn't land on any of the 2013 end of year lists that you managed to skim a few months back, the odds of it shining through under the never ending pile of new music being placed on top it everyday is pretty low.

Or maybe that's not true.

Because somehow I came across it a couple of months back (another successful venture into other people's Bandcamp Collections). And because I am not the greatest source for “brand spanking new” or “world premieres”, now the 5 of you that read this blog can also be late to the ‘foot stomping, good kind of country-ish vibe’ party that Pepper Johnson has captured on this great album (which you can get for the price of whatever price you want, so no excuses not to get it). Besides, don't they say it's fashionable to show up late?

I've been listening to this album pretty consistently for the past month, and there ain't a bad track in the bunch. I recommend you go do the same.