PORCHES. - Slow Dance in the Cosmos

This album came out last year, but if like me, life has somehow prevented you from checking it out so far, well now is a good time to fix that. Having spent the last week or so with it in my headphones, I can personally vouch that this one is worth spending some time with. It's a start to finish treat; still a bit rough around the edges (which I always like), but polished up in all the right places.

The opening riff is your first clue that you're about to listen to a really cool album (feel free to press play now, if you haven't already, to hear what I mean). The second clue would be that it is a PORCHES album (hot tip: go listen / get the previous releases, like this one). And if you're the type that likes receiving their clues in threes, well, Frankie Cosmos was involved with making this album (hot tip: go listen / get her latest album too).