Re-thinking My Internetting…

You may or may not have noticed that this HI54LOFI blog has been a little bit quiet these last few weeks. Well, that is both true and not entirely true. Although I have been taking a break from posting 'regular re-occurring' things… I've also been doing a lot of thinking and tinkering behind the curtain. 

It all started by taking the needed time off from everything else in order to get the 24hr Mix Tape Radio station back up and running, and then that led me to the realization of just how much time I was spending running around and posting things all over the place. Queuing up posts on the HI54LOFI tumblr, setting up posts for the newly started Fandcamp tumblr & twitter, tweeting, facebooking, thinking about sending another newsletter out but never having time to, creating epsidoes of The Mix Tape Radio Show… etc, etc. Added up together, all of these 'little' things were completely devouring the very minimal free time I had in-between working and sleeping.

So when I decided to postpone the next episode of The Mix Tape Radio Show last Monday, that set off a chain reaction of a bunch of other posting and updating on other sites I would usually have done but now didn't need to… which felt like a bunch of unnecessary weights getting lifted off my shoulders. Which felt nice.

And then, after my Facebook post about how my Facebook posts get no traction got the most traction of any of my most recent Facebook posts… it really hit home that I should really do some re-thinking about what I should be spending my time on and how. I've been burning so much time posting a lot of things on a lot of places, but that's proving to not really be worth the effort. And it's kind of led to me never having time to update this website, or more importantly, create content that is even worth someone else's time/click (and yes, I realize this isn't one of those).

So I'll be taking this week to think on some things. OK, it also is my birthday tomorrow, so I will probably be taking some time to drink on some things as well. A few changes I'm considering:

  • I'm going to start posting all 'Fandcamp' stuff on this website (and tweeting about it from the HI54LOFI) account. Having another twitter and tumblr to not only update, but to also try and 'promote' is a little too ambitious for a guy that doesn't even have that big of a following on his original accounts. I've spent the last couple days back posting Fandcamp stuff on to this site and all future posts will just happen on here (probably 1 a day). That change alone gets rid of this HI54LOFI website going through these post droughts.
  • I'm going to take a break from posting on the HI54LOFI tumblr. I probably will go back to updating this in the future, but I just want to see / feel how much of a time difference not trying to keep a '2 posts a day' queue stocked up, week after week, makes on my day to day. I think I'm also going to do a complete 'follow purge' and try re-building my dashboard back up a few blogs at a time and see if that helps make my internet feel less shiny and distracting.
  • I've got a pretty big pile-up on blog related and life related emails that could do with some more than filing away in the 'To Come Back To' folder. I could probably also do with re-visiting this blog post I wrote awhile back.
  • I'm going to be spending more time on the 24hr Mix Tape Radio station than I did in the past. In general there is just a lot of tedious up-keeping things to do / that still need to be done, but I will also be updating / rotating the music that is playing more often than in the past. This is partly due to the fact that I am only able to upload 1000 of my own tracks, which, when you consider it runs 24/7, is not actually that much music. So every 3 days, I will be swapping out 300 songs and replacing them with 300 more. Or at least that is the plan for now.

And… a bunch of other stuff. But I realize this post is more of a brain dump for myself than of any interest for someone else to read. Plus, I got to go get ready for work (the biggest time drain of them all… but also the hardest one to get rid of / do anything about).