remambran - leave the ladder down

One of the best things about the recent Bandcamp fan accounts —one of the many bonuses that I've talked about before—  was the new addition of being able to take a peak behind the curtain and peruse all the music that someone who liked the same thing that you liked also likes. It's probably the greatest way to discover something that you otherwise would have never found, and the success rate of every click is pretty high (after all, you're starting off on some pretty common ground).

This remambran album is one such discovery; a discovery that only came about because of being able to go down the rabbit hole of other Bandcamp users music collections. I had started the journey on the latest Glass Cake album, and one way or another, I ended up on small howl's Bandcamp collection. A collection that contained a lot of lofi goodness, ‘leave the ladder down’ being just one of them (but the one that stopped me checking out the others and just focus on it).

If you're familiar with Glass Cake, then you can probably hear straight away why this album really jived with me. Mallory Watje's voice has that same same beautiful / odd combo (but way more beautiful than odd). In fact, you can almost hear Michelle's voice singing melodies on this album. And maybe this is because Mallory and Michelle sang together on the “I can't find it online anymore” album by Mallory's former project mammary. All I can find is a last fm link for that project, but if you can ever find the album that I've got in my iTunes called 'november 2009', I definitely recommend grabbing it (they also both sang in a group called Girl Band, back in the Myspace days). It's an album that I've listened to a lot over the years, which probably explains why remambran sounded so familiar and I instantly connected with it. The music was new to me, but it also felt like an old favourite.

You can get ‘leave the ladder down' for whatever price you fancy, and you definitely should fancy it. The whole thing is great, but if you want to taste one track first, I'd recommend ‘Persimmon Tree' or 'Absorption'.  But the whole thing is really great.