Ruspo - Esses Patifes

If possible (and it usually is possible), I like to have music on during almost any activity. And some activities require a certain type of music. For example, if I am reading a book or working on something that requires a bit of thinking, it's very counterproductive to be listening to something with lyrics. It's just too distracting. My brain can't separate the words coming in through the ears with the words coming in through the eyes (or the words attempting to be thought). Which usually means that I have to put on something with zero lyrical content.

But recently I discovered an exception to this rule: if I can't understand what the singer is singing, it's ok for there to be singing.

I have no idea what Ruspo is singing about on the very excellent Esses Patifes. This convenient fact has made this album my current go to musical selection for when I'm sitting in the cafe reading. The tropical vibes on it also make the cold reality awaiting me outside seem miles away, so it's been an extra pleasant discovery.

If you also do not understand whatever language is being sung on Esses Patifes (I am 99% sure it is Portuguese), then I recommend you go to Bandcamp and pick it up (it is, after all, 'name your price, no minimum'), and the next time you've got some reading/thinking to do… put it in your headphones. Of course, if you speak Portuguese, then you should also go get the album because it is probably even more special when you understand what it being sung (just put something else on when you need do some reading / heavy thinking).