ScotDrakula - Break Me Up

While I was away on vacation, living a pleasantly sunny off-line life in the south of Portugal, I would nip into this one restaurant on the coastline to sip on a pint and borrow their wifi to see what I was missing. Besides rediscovering that the flow of the internet gets on just fine without any of my involvement… I would also make a few notes about things to check out once I got back.

Well, I am back, and these 2 new songs from ScotDrakula were on the top of my list of 'Things To Check Out Once Sitting In The Sun Is No Longer An Option'. And surprise surprise, both tracks are brilliant. Of course, my use of a double surprise is heavily sarcastic, as having listened to last years BURNER a thousand times over, I'm pretty convinced that this Australian 3 piece is incapable of not knocking tunes out of the park.

Everything I liked about BURNER is present here, especially those brilliant vocals. You know, the kind of vocals that make for a strong counter point to any anti-smoking argument you may have heard (i.e. wait for around the 1 minute mark of the opening track to hear what I mean).

So, go get it for whatever you want, and then go get the other 2 albums on their Bandcamp page while you're there. And then get whatever they put out next, cause it's probably gonna kick ass.