Sea Wolf - Song Spells, No. 1: Cedarsmoke

Sea Wolf is one of those artists that I really like, or rather, who had put out an album awhile back that I really liked, but then I never really kept up with them. Given how excellent I still think 2007's Leaves In The River is, I don't really have a proper excuse for not listening to anything that he put out after. Which Wikipedia tells me is 2 more albums, as long as you don't count the one I am posting about today and have been listening to a lot the past week.

Well, my bad Mr. Sea Wolf. The internet makes a right mess out of trying to keep up with some things. And your new album is excellent, especially if one takes into account the following information:

“This is the first of a series of records I’m going to be doing in my spare time, between official studio albums,” Church explains. “The word ‘spell’ can refer to a magical spell or a period of time. I wrote and recorded it in a four-month period to force myself to go with first instincts and let go of the need to get things perfect. It was done for fun, with no commercial expectations from a label, something to share with our fans until we make our next ‘official’ album.”

This is a pretty solid album to have been done in one's spare time and I really look forward to the rest in this series. Especially if they are the only Sea Wolf albums that will be made available on Bandcamp (too bad “no commercial expectations from a label” translates into something being able to be purchased on Bandcamp).

But for now, you should all go get this new Sea Wolf album (and then maybe go listen to the latest episode of 'Mix Tape Radio', as there is a track off this album on there). And while you are doing that, I will go seek out the previous 2 albums that I missed out on, but probably shouldn't have (they must have got buried under a bunch of cat GIFs).