Shakey Graves - And The War Came

I know. I have posted Shakey Graves' tune Dearly Departed on this here blog before. And another time before that. But it's not my fault.

You see (or rather hear), it is a really good tune. But also… every time I've posted it, the song has sounded quite a bit different than the last. Which is exactly the case again, but on top of that, this post is also about: “holy shit, there is a new Shakey Graves album coming out soon and you can totally pre-order it now!” (and it just so happens that the first single is a tune I've already blabbed on about how great it is).

In fact, this is probably the most different that I've ever heard Shakey Graves sounding. His previous releases have all had that 'recorded live / very DIY' feel, and when you combine listening to those records with watching (and re-watching) the 100's of Youtube videos out there (you know, the ones that never fail to leave you more than a little slack jawed in awe of his crazy one-man-band talent), you kind of come to expect everything you hear from him to a layer of dirt on it and not too many hands helping out (except some of his own many hands).

So when you press play on this first excellent taste off the upcoming album, it really hits you that, for lack of a better way of saying it, “Shakey's done made himself a proper studio album”. And I don't mean that in a bad way. As much as I love the previous albums lo-fi charm (and who doesn't love this or this?), I really dig this version of Dearly Departed and it makes me super excited to hear what else he's been cooking. Because all signs point to And The War Came being a lot different sonically. But all signs also point to it being really damn good.

In Shakey We Trust.

(ps - in case you couldn't guess, this song is also my jam this week)