Shimmering Stars - Lost & Found Sounds

Shimmering Stars have a great old-meets-new-in-the-garage-for-a-jam sound. And lucky for us, they've recently found some lost examples of that great sound and put them together on this great collection of new demos and orphaned older recordings. Which you can (and should) add to your collection for whatever price you fancy (but remember to keep this in mind when pondering whether to put in a monetary amount).

I'd write some more about the album, but let's be honest… it's Friday (and at least in Nottingham, it looks like the sun is going to be out all day & I've got the day off work) who really wants to waste time reading some guys thoughts about why an album is excellent, when all that is really required is for you to press that play button? Plus, the band give a little track by track run down over on their Bandcamp page, and when you add them all up, it kind of works out to the equivalent of me writing another couple of paragraphs (did I mention the sun is out in England and I have the day off?).

So just go get this album. And make sure you've pressed the 'follow' button on their Bandcamp page so you'll be one of the first ones to know when their new album drops later this year (cause you're probably gonna want to get that as well).