Small Wonder - Wendy

I feel like this is the kind of album that you need to give a few tries. Or, at least, it took me a couple attempts before I got to the point of extreme appreciation that I am at now.

The first few times I tried to listen… my high expectations were not instantly met. Which, in this day and age, is sometimes all the chance you give something. But the high praise for this album has come from blogs / people who's opinion I hold high, so I knew deep down that there was obviously something special here, and I was obviously missing it. Or rather, my first few attempts at listening were those “totally distracted by other things so not really listening properly” type listening sessions. And this isn't one of those albums that does good in a distracted by other things situation.

Well, now I get it and am officially on board. Small Wonder has crafted a thing of beauty here, and I think you should hop on as well.

And if you don't hear the specialness straight away, have a look at how you're listening. Are you lying in bed with your headphones on, slowly closing your eyes while the music sinks and everything else fades away? Because if you're not in that place or something similar, walk away and put something else on. But don't walk away forever. Make sure you come back and try again when the mood is right. Because if you give 'Wendy' your undivided attention, she'll hit you hard. Right in the heart guts.

ps - ironically, before I could publish this post about taking longer then everyone else to finally get around to tthe wonderfulness of Small Wonder, Bandcamp made 'Wendy' their Staff Pick today and gave me a hat tip for helping discover it (which I guess shows the power of the Music Feed)… but really, all hat tipping should be directed to Gold Flake Paint and Wake The Deaf, as their words were the ones that made me make sure I gave this album the proper listen it deserves