Sylvann Esso - Coffee

I've been a bit obsessed with this song lately. Well, this live version of it especially.

I mean, I liked the track when I first laid ears on the Soundcloud version of it awhile back, and it's not like this video version sounds too much different, but there is just something about this live take that has really caused this song to worm its way to the top of my listening pile for the past couple weeks. I think it is the way that Amelia dances / gets into the music. It sort of reminds me of the way that I dance (or rather prefer to dance, when I'm not sitting off to the side thinking about how I'd rather be dancing). It's not too flashy or over the top, but rather seems to float between about to totally let go… and feeling self-aware. And it's those brief moments of self-consciousness that always pull you away from ever falling too deep into the groove; you wanna dance like no one is watching, but you know that once you do start dancing like that, people start watching.

Also, I drink a lot of coffee. So even though the song may not be lyrically that much about coffee, it is titled that (and does briefly mention the beverage). So putting this on my headphones while I go through my new ritual of preparing a cup of joe with my new AeroPress has sort of become a little thing I like to do.

Anyway… this song is ‘my jam’ for this week and I'm sure whatever song these two cook up next, that will be my jam for that week as well.