The 24hr Mix Tape Radio Station Is Back!

As you (hopefully) noticed, HI54LOFI's 24hr Mix Tape Radio Station had it's plug pulled last month and it has been sitting silent. If there wasn't so many more horrible and serious things going on in the world, I'm sure people would have been rioting on the streets about it. Well, worry no more, the silence ends today (actually, it ended a couple days ago… but who's got time to blog on the weekend, amirite?)…

To tune in to this station of HI54LOFI approved tuneage, all you need is an internet connection. You can either press play on the above player (or pop it open as a new window), or you can listen to the stream in iTunes / Windows Media Player / Winamp / etc (just download and open the M3U stream in whatever music player you prefer to use). You can also get the Radionomy app for your iphone or android and listen to Mix Tape Radio on there (just search for 'HI54LOFI'). Or you can listen here or here. And you can also listen on Tunein (and they also have iPhone and Android apps).Also, you can see what's playing / what just played over on the MXTP RADIO Twitter account.

If you like listening to this station… please listen often and tell anyone else with similar ear drums to do the same. In kind of the same way that Tinkerbell only stays alive if people believe in her, this radio station only keeps going if enough people listen to it. So make a mental and physical note to visit the Mix Tape Radio page often (maybe even bookmark it, yo).

PS - in order to get this station back up and running in the limited amount of free time I had on my hands, I've had to postpone putting together the next episode of 'the mix tape radio show'. Hopefully the news of not having a new 1hr mixtape to listen to will be softened by the news of having a 24hr / 7 days a week mix tape to listen to ;)