The End Of The World (take 2)

Well, tomorrow is the day that Harold Camping has predicted to be the end of the world as we know it.

As you might remember, back in May, Mr. Camping had predicted the rapture would be taking place. When nothing happened, he did not go back on what he said. I thought he might admit that creating math equations based off of random stuff in the bible had a high chance of error. But instead, he just said the rapture was not as visible and physical as we had expected it, and instead it happened spiritually.

And he stuck with the idea that ‘the rapture’ would take place for 3 months and would wrap up with total destruction of the earth. Tomorrow. Presumably at the crack of whatever dawn is in Jesus’ timezone.

So tell your mom you love her and your boss to get fucked, cause bible math is rarely wrong. Just ask these guys.