The Parrots - Dee Dee Dangerous

When it comes to why I like an album, the department in my brain that makes this decision has a bunch of check boxes that need to be ticked. Some check boxes exist in multiple genres, but when it comes to ‘raw garage-y rock n roll', there is one check box that is a definite must:

□ Does the lead singer have a voice that makes me want to stomp around and push things over?

And this EP from The Parrots definitely has me wanting to do that. They've also got great call and response shout alongs and “woo oh oh oh's” (which I didn't realize until now, but those are also check boxes that exist within my head, although they're not ‘be all, end all’ requirements, just ‘helps to have them' criteria), and in general, these two tunes are just pretty bad ass and fun to listen to. The kind of tunes that make you feel a little bit cooler and a little more (dee dee) dangerous when you put them on.

I only discovered these guys today, after watching the video below showcasing what seems to be very cool scene happening in Madrid (and which was posted on Deers twitter, another great Madrid band occupying a lot of time in my headphones recently).

So if you're lucky enough to get to call Madrid your home base, go check out The Parrots and Deers (and maybe any other Madrid band named after an animal, as that seems to be netting some pretty sweet tunes lately).