The Shivers - Phone Calls

When I was putting together the latest episode of 'Mix Tape Radio', I knew that I was going to be using a track of this Shivers’ album… I just wasn't sure what song to use. Why? Well, there are a lot of great songs on here.

I ended up going with Shave Yr Brain, as it seemed like the right choice to open up Episode 33 and it was my initial favourite track… but the more I listen to this album —which came out way back in 2010, but I guess I slept in that year, cause I've only just started getting down with this album a couple of weeks back— the harder it becomes for me to pin down a favourite tune (for example, when New Direction hits the 2:37 mark, that's some pretty headphone pleasing stuff).

Which I guess is the true sign of a great album. Lots of great tunes. So you should probably just go get the whole thing.