The Wild Honey Pie Sessions

There are a lot of music blogs out there. They range in quality, but because of the massive quantity of them, you'll find that there is no shortage of options for which blogs you could add to your own list of ‘Try And Make Time To Try And Regularly Check What This Blog Is Posting’. If you're like me, the list of music blogs you naively attempted to keep up with used to be a lot bigger than it is now. This is not entirely because of the fact that once you start paying attention to a bunch of blogs, you start to realize that a lot of them are posting the same things (although that is a factor). My list has mainly gotten so small because I just don't have time to keep up with the daily content of more than a few sources. So by keeping things almost in the single digits, I can better attempt to genuinely read what they post and actually listen to more than 5 seconds of what they share. 

I feel like this approach has been working well for me, but of course, somethings fall through the cracks. Things like The Wild Honey Pie. Or more specifically, things like The Wild Honey Pie Sessions

I've been aware of The Wild Honey Pie and have been following them on Twitter for quite some time… but I realized the other day that I haven't really been paying attention to The Wild Honey Pie. They had sort of become one of those blogs whose tweets disappear on my feed amongst a hundred others (perhaps I should put some time into getting my Twitter better organized). Luckily a tweet claiming that TWHP was “killing it lately” was retweeted by TWHP and I took the bait and clicked it. And I landed on this amazing Cage The Elephant session (which was followed by this also amazing Lucius session, and then the Shout Out Louds, and then on and on).

And once over on their site, I remembered that TWHP was that music blog I had been on before, the one that I thought had one of the best designed sites out there. And that posts a lot of music that I like. But more than anything… the one that is probably recording the best video sessions. The bands they get are top notch, the sound of the sessions is top shelf, and the videos are beautifully shot / edited and just really, very well done. And there is a tonne of them.

So… if you don't already, you should make room for The Wild Honey Pie on your version of my “TAMTTTARCWTBIPA’  list that I mentioned way up there in the 1st paragraph. Or, at the very least, you should go kill an afternoon on their sessions page. It's time well spent (unless, of course, you have some important and pressing things to get done today).