This Frontier Needs Heroes - Hooky

If listening to the first track is not enough to immediately win you over… then just keep listening. And if by the time you hit the end of track 8 and you're still not convinced that This Frontier Needs Heroes latest album 'Hooky' is not deserving of a spot in your personal collection,  then I guess we don't share the same appreciation of lovely boy-girl harmonies, great lyrics and fresh takes on Americana music.

I haven't quite finished absorbing 'Hooky' in its own right, so I've made a note to head back to TFNH's Bandcamp page and jump into their previous releases once I'm ready (TFNH is a 2013 discovery for me, but I guess they've been dropping tunes into the internets since 2009… and only 4 tracks into their previous release 'The Future', I can already tell that I've been missing out on some seriously good stuff).

Also, while we're on the topic of the lovely music these two make, if you have a Daytrotter membership —or if you were waiting for just one more reason why you should have one)— This Frontier Needs Heroes just recorded a session and it's a beauty.