Tiny Ruins gets some David Lynch love…

A big congrats goes out to the amazing Tiny Ruins, who just got a shout out on Twitter from the one and only David Lynch! I can totally hear Hollie singing in the background of some dark and creepy, yet kind of beautiful, Lynchian scene… hope it happens.

It's been amazing to see how well Hollie's music has been received over the past few years (she's also going on tour with Calexico this month, among a dozen other “oh my god, that's pretty damn cool” highlights that keep popping up). It seems like only yesterday that HI54LOFI RECORDS had the great honour of helping put out her first EP —the still lovely, collaborative EP with A Singer Of Songs— ‘Little Notes’. She was always destined for great things, so it was nice to be a small part of those early days.

And speaking of Tiny Ruins / Little Notes… at the moment, there is an Australian living at our house (he's an old friend of my girlfriend's sister) and the other day he was in the kitchen cooking / listening to music. I happened to walk in when 'Little Notes' was playing, to which I casually observed “hey, I know this song”, waiting for the right moment to drop the fact that I helped release her first EP. He then began to fill me in on who was playing, which of course, meant that the right moment for me to drop the fact that I helped release her first EP had arrived (i.e. he was unaware that I had been a part of releasing her EP, and for a brief moment, thought that he was passing on something new to me). He was mildly impressed with the news (of course, when I went upstairs to try and find a copy of the EP, I realized that I don't have anymore left).

And it is those little moments that help add enough fuel to the not always burning strong fire that helps keep me plugging away at all this HI54LOFI / HI54LOFI RECORDS stuff (which, sometimes, gets all the way down to a few warm coals that take a significant amount of blowing to get going again).