Trace Mountains - Salty Sweet

In the time it takes to sip a coffee and sneak a cigarette, this 3 track taster from Trace Mountains should win over anyone who sports a leaning tendency towards lofi. The could have just as easily been called Short Sweet, as that's exactly what it is (although the EP is actually called ‘Salty Sweet w/ Everything Around Me’, so I guess it also could have been called ‘Salty Sweet w/ Everything Around Me & I Am Extra-Natural’). And it's something you should be popping over to Bandcamp now and picking up for whatever price you fancy (but remember, fancying any amount higher than 0 will place this gem in your Bandcamp Collection, which is a place that it belongs).

And while we're chatting, you can also hear this track on the latest episode of the Mix Tape Radio show… so go give that a spin too.