TV Girl - French Exit

Well, my little vacation is over... but I haven't quite been able to get back into the old routine yet (the old routine being finding time to post on the blog every weekday, before the day had ended). I blame this mostly on the World Cup being on. When you only have so many free hours in a day, having 5+ hours of football on TV sort of fucks up any plans for getting stuff done.

So as I sit here waiting for Brazil to score against Mexico (because I have Brazil in my pool), while I stuff my face with chocolate to take my mind off of thinking about smoking (because I'm trying to quit), I figured I best post a little something on the blog. Something that wouldn't require my full attention to write.

After batting around a few different ideas, I settled on sharing this excellent new album from TV Girl. You can grab it for whatever price you fancy, and having spent a week laying by a pool in +30 heat with this album pumping out the portable speaker, I can assure you that this album is definitely worth you fancying some sort of price for it. This is a perfect summer album, and if you check the calendar, summer is kind of here (or at least right around the corner, right English weather?).

(ps - you can hear a track off this album on the latest episode of the Mix Tape Radio show)