Twin Oaks - The Lion's Den

As is often the case, this album has been on the outskirts of my radar longer than it's been living in my headphones. I've been meaning to get around to it, as it's been sitting in my Bandcamp Wishlist for a few weeks now, but sometimes things get buried. Also, it was only a little while ago that I wrote something about a band called ‘Fair Oaks’, so it's very possible that my brain just needed a bit of time before getting into another ‘Oaks’ band (on a related note… I wonder when the next ‘Strand Of Oaks’ album will be coming).

Well, I guess today was the right day to finally put The Lion's Den on. It's a bit chilly and I've been knocking back coffee's whilst doing a lot of thinking and getting nothing done. And this is a good album for those kind of days. It's a really mellow and laid back listen, with lyrics that work as a nice companion to the internal dialogue that's been running through my head.

So, if like me, you were thinking of popping in to your local cafe for the main reasoning of “well, it's something to do”… maybe just stay at home, put the kettle on, and then give The Lion's Den a spin (and then take that American fiver you were going to spend at the cafe and use it to add this album to your Collection).