Wes Tirey - False Idols

Our friend Wes Tirey just put out a little 3 song EP, all tracks recorded to a Panasonic RQ2102 cassette recorder in his apartment in North Carolina. You can get the whole thing for as little as 1 US dollar. And you can feel extra good about whatever amount you enter, because all proceeds will be going to help Wes get over to Italy to do a small tour. And being able to help an independent artist fly across an ocean to play his guitar for a pocket of unexpected fans is one of the magical things about the internet. So pop over to Wes's Bandcamp and help make some dreams come true (while also snagging a few tracks yourself).

All you DIYtrotter downloaders might recognize the opening track, which Wes first tested out in the session he recorded for us. Which might explain why my favourite track is the new to my ears ‘To Be A Watchman’ (followed closely by title track ‘False Idols’, which is also new to my ears). But the whole thing is a nice slice of some raw, old soul folk.