Whistle While You Work 2: Still Whistling

A couple years back I made an 8tracks mix that featured songs with whistling. As you have probably already worked out… I just made another one.

Now, I don't know about you, but I like a good whistle riff. I guess it's because whistling is the one audible way of 'jamming' with a song in public that you don't have to feel subconscious about. Sure, you can always sing along to something, but that's best left to when you're alone and no one can hear how off key and void of emotion you are. But whistling? You can do that shit at work or on the street or wherever.

Yes, maybe it is a bit annoying to other people. But it's not embarrassing for yourself. And the latter trumps the… pre-latter? I don't really know how to use latter properly in a sentence.

In this mix you'll find another 30 songs (the last one was 30 deep as well) that all feature a little bit of passing wind through wet parsed lips. Some tracks feature more whistling than others, but they've all got a bit of it. 

So put your lips into a whistling position, press play, and get ready to blow.