Why we (or at least I) hate Nickleback

I recently came across a tumblr post that referenced a reddit thread called ‘why do people hate Nickleback?’, and it got me thinking about that topic. So here is what I think…

Nickleback represents a part of our culture that we hate. That part of our culture where people with money / power / influence can force whatever they want down the throats (or in this case, ears) of a very large percentage of ignorant people. And by ignorant people, I mean people who just don’t know any better because things are still in place to make not knowing better the default option. As hard as it is for some of us to believe, people still discover all of their music through mainstream radio stations. Fans of Nickleback are not the kind of people who take it upon themselves to discover music through other channels. Some people just don’t give as much of a shit about music as others. They go to work, they watch their tv shows, they follow their sports, they drink their drinks, they spend time with their friends and families, and they listen to whatever somebody else picks for them. And there are a lot of them. And that’s why a band like Nickleback is so popular.

And that is also why Nickleback is so hated. Because there are so many of us who do give a shit about music and who’ve realized long ago, that there is so much amazing stuff being ignored by the people who choose what to force feed to the public. So we spend large chunks of our lives digging through crates of records and scouring music blogs. We carry around our personal hand-picked radio stations in our pockets, so that we never have to tune into the uninspired garbage someone else wants us to mindlessly consume. And when you take your music discovery into your own hands, that usually leads you on to the path of taking all of your cultural discoveries into your own hands.


Nickleback’s popularity is a pretty accurate way to gauge just how many people in the world are still totally plugged into a system that picks everything for them. A system that tells them what to listen to, what to watch, what to consume and what to think.

So it’s not Nickleback’s music that really drives our hatred of them. Does it suck? Yeah, it kind of does. But lots of people’s music sucks. The massive Nickleback hatred goes beyond hating generic shitty music. Nickleback’s success is the sign of the sucess of something much more sinister at work (and proof that it is still working well). Nickleback’s career is not the only indicator of this, but I guarantee that all of their albums are in the jukebox that sits in the corner of the shitty version of the world that a lot of us don’t want any part of. And someone in a Tap Out shirt just put ‘Never Again’ on. Again.

And that’s what we really hate.