Will Schwartz - New Haircut

Nothing beats receiving a musical gift from someone who not only has great taste in tunes, but also knows you good enough to pick out something you haven't heard before + will most likely like. It's hard work trying to scour the internet for gems, and you're bound to miss some… so it's great having some help from your friends.

And if it weren't for me and Benjamin Shaw getting into a post-Xmas Bandcamp gift exchange, I'm pretty sure I would not have spent the last few days walking around with this Will Schwartz album in my headphones, and that would have been a shame, because it really is a beautiful little album.

So if you like beautiful little albums too, then you should go check it out.

Or, if you prefer, you can take the reasoning Ben included for why he bought this gift for me, and then apply the same logic to yourself: “because you like croaky sad guys singing croaky sad songs”.