William Ryan Fritch - A Hound's Heart

I don't remember exactly how this album first came in front of me, but I do remember seeing the cover and thinking “this looks like something that I'll like”. And I did like it, although this post is still an example of the age old wisdom “don't (fully) judge a book by it's cover”.

Because ,even though I was correct in assuming that I would dig the music, I went into pressing the play button thinking that I would be hearing some much darker music than what I did. At first glance, there's a bit of a creepiness to the couple on the cover, so I was expecting a collection of some sort of western gothic folk, something that you'd expect to hear on an episode of True Detective. But the album is actually quite the opposite. There's a real easy going lightness to the songs. So if we're to continue tying the music to the people on the cover, then that couple may look like they've lived a life of long days and hardship, but judging by the instrumental soundtrack supplied by William Ryan Fritch, they seem pretty content with every earned wrinkle.

Which was not what I expected to hear, but I have no complaints. It's a great album and will be on my headphones during many a coffee + book session. I recommend the same for you.

(ps - you can hear a track off this album on Episode 31 of Mix Tape Radio On Folk Radio UK')