Wolf Larsen - Quiet At The Kitchen Door


I almost went through my music listening days without ever knowing about the amazing Wolf Larsen. Her album ‘Quiet At The Kitchen Door’ —which has been on repeat all week— had previously stayed completely off of my radar, and perhaps, would have forever, given the way that the daily churn of new music tends to bury anything from over a year ago. But, thankfully, I wrote a blog post that sent more than a few eyeballs over to HI54LOFI and a lot of those eyeballs made music. And a good chunk of those eyeballs sent me an email.

Now, a lot of those emails were just your typical "hey, listen to this", and I will admit that all of those emails really started to blend together into one big giant email. But then I got one that didn't say anything about "hey, listen to this". It was just a very human "enjoyed the article, like the music you like" email and nothing more. And it was a refreshing change from what I was getting, so it kind of stood out. There was no link to any music, not a hint of any self promotion anywhere. But I could see that it was sent from a 'Wolf Larsen'. Having been a detective in a past life, I had an inkling that a name like that probably makes music. So I did some googling and came across 'Quiet At The Kitchen Door'.

And what a gem of a discovery that was. It's an album of undeniable beauty. The kind that stops you in your tracks over and over again. Which makes it perfect accompaniment to a day spent trying to get a bunch of stuff done around the house, but actually just drinking a cup of coffee and staring out the window a lot (i.e. my first day off after a fairly crazy stretch).

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