Wyatt Overman - Fires

Back when I used to attempt to strum the guitar and come up with non-covers to sing to myself, whilst secretly imagining that the songs would mean something to someone other than myself, I stumbled upon a simple rule of thumb for knowing when I might have written something kind of good. Whenever a melody and chord pattern seemed to come out of thin air —when the song almost seemed to have magically written itself— that either meant that I'd come up with something special or that I pretty much just accidentally stole someone else's song. So whenever a song like that appeared, one that did not seem to exist 5 minutes before but felt familiar almost immediately, I would listen back to it over and over and try to figure out who I was most likely ripping off. Sometimes it would take the ears of someone else to point out that I had unknowingly re-written Tracy Chapman's ‘Talkin 'Bout A Revolution’ and sometimes I'd catch myself regurgitating an old Bright Eyes track, but every now and again, I wouldn't be able to find a case for plagiarism and conclude that I may have just written something good.

The reason I bring this up in this post? Well, every time I listen to Wyatt Overman's lovely album 'Fires' I can't help but feel like I know the songs. It's just a really comforting album that feels like it's been with me for longer than it actually has. And I mean that in a good way. Having listened to it a lot lately, I can not really put a finger on why it feels this way or how it reminds me of any other artist in particular.

So, according to my previously stated rule of thumb, I guess that must be because he's written something special. And you should go get it.